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The MarketDirect hosted payment page is an ideal solution for:

  • Merchants who do not have a secure server
  • Merchants who wish to avoid the risks involved with accepting sensitive credit card information on their own servers
  • Merchants who have not yet been certified PCI compliant and who want to assure that they are not inadvertently exposing their customers’ credit card details to a third party
  • Merchants who wish to sell their products to international markets without investing heavily in website localization or establishing accounts with foreign banks

When customers place an order, they are invisibly redirected to a MarketDirect secure payment page that has been customized with the merchant company’s look and feel for collection of credit card details. The transaction data is transmitted securely for approval, and PacNet communicates the transaction result back to the merchant’s server so that the order can be fulfilled.

To help reduce chargeback and fraud costs MarketDirect includes a fraud scoring engine which if enabled will flag suspicious transactions for review. For even greater protection agains fraudulent transactions you can enable 3-D Secure authentication; please refer to the following links for more information about 3-D Secure:

vbv securecode

A note on PCI: MarketDirect never gives the initiating websites access to the cardholder data, thereby ensuring that those websites are not brought into scope for PCI purposes. This makes PCI compliance easy – just use MarketDirect and ensure none of your other business processes bring your systems into scope.